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Thermally-induced phase-separation membrane formation: Process in which a dissolved polymer is precipitated or coagulated by controlled cooling to form a membrane structure.

Thermomembrane process: Process of membrane separation having the temperature gradient as the driving force. Membrane distillation and pervaporation belong to the thermomembrane processes.

Thermopervaporation: Pervaporation under action of temperature gradient across a membrane; technically, it is pervaporation with condensation of permeate within the membrane module.

Track etched membrane formation: Process for forming porous track etched membranes. (Note: Usually produces pores with a narrow size distribution).

Track etched membrane: Porous membranes with well-defined pores obtained by exposing a dense film to ion bombardment followed by etching of the damaged region.

Transport number: The quantity of electricity transferred through a ion-exchange membrane in the steady state conditions by a certain type of ion expressed as a fraction of the total quantity of electricity transferred through the membrane.

Tubular membrane: Membrane produced as a tube with diameter larger than 5 mm.


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