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Effective pore radius: Radius of circular pore having he same surface area as the observed pore.

Electro-dialysis: Membrane-based separation process in which ions are driven through an ion-selective membrane under the influence of an electric field.

Electro-osmosis: Process by which water is transported across the thickness of an anion-exchange or cation-exchange membrane under an applied electric field.

Electrodeinization: A variant of electrodialysis in which deep demineralization of water solutions is conducted using ion-exchange membranes with mixed layer of ionites installed between them.

Electromembrane process: Process of membrane separation that has the gradient of electrical potential as the driving force. Electrodialysis, electroosmosis and membrane electrolysis are examples of electromembrane processes.

Electromigration transport number: The same as Transport number but under action of applied electrical field in the absence the gradients of concentration and the pressure drop across the membrane.

Endurance of membrane: Ability of membrane to keep their properties under action of outside chemical, physical or technological factors.

Enhancement factor, ε: Ratio of the flux of a component, i across a carrier-containing membrane divided by the transmembrane flux of the same component across an otherwise identical membrane without carrier {Note. ε= [(Ji)with carrier / (Ji)without carrier ]}.


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