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Backflush: Temporary reversal of the direction of the permeate flow.

Baromembrane process: Process of membrane separation of liquid media whose driving force is the pressure gradient. Microfiltration, ultrafiltration, nanofiltration and reverse osmosis are baromembrane processes.

Barrer: A unit for gas permeability coefficient; 1 Barrer = 10-10 cm3(STP.) cm cm-2 s-1 (cm Hg)-1.

Biological membrane: A complex supramolecular structure that forms enclosures of living cells and intracellular elements and provides selective transport of different compounds through them.

Biostability of membranes: A resistance of membrane material to microbe degradation.

Bipolar membrane: Synthetic membrane containing two oppositely charged ion-exchanging layers in contact with each other.

Brackish water: Term used to indicate water having a total dissolved-solids content that is less than that of sea water but above that of potable water.

Bubble point: Pressure at which bubbles first appear on one surface of an immersed porous membrane as gas pressure is applied to the other surface.


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