November 05, 2015 (11:00) – 41st Seminar

Academician Alexander V. Bilduykevich - IPOC NAN (Minsk)

Hollow fiber membranes hydrophilization using water-soluble polymers as additive to bore fluid.

Dr. I.L.Borisov - TIPS RAS (Moscow)

Chemical surface hydrophilization of hollow fiber polysulfone membranes.

Dr. T.V. PlisKo - IPOC NAN (Minsk)

Hollow fiber membranes characterization by scanning electron microscopy (SEM).

Dr. E.S. Liubimova - IPOC NAN (Minsk)

Modification of ultrafiltration membranes via interfacial polycondensation: the effect of comonomer ratio.

Prof. I. Abdulin – Kazan National Research Technological University (Kazan)

Modification of hollow fiber polysulfone membranes under nonequilibrium low-temperature plasma.

S.D. Bazhenov - TIPS RAS (Moscow)

Membrane contactors based on hydrophilized polysulfone hollow fiber membranes for gas recovery from liquid organic media.

Dr. V.A. Kirsh - TIPS RAS (Moscow)

Simulation of convectional and diffusion transport in membrane contactors with radial fluid cross-flow.